Domestic violence has spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why? Whether it's a public health crisis or extreme weather event, the risk factors are similar. Stress created by financial strain, loss of a home or job, can trigger feelings of powerlessness and a need for control, which are known precursors to violence.

Given climate change, more disasters and violence seem inevitable.

We. Need. Healing.

On this 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we are reminded that nature is a powerful healer. How can we address the link between domestic violence and climate change? By planting trees!

Planting trees is one action we can take right now to honor survivors, help mend the earth, and heal ourselves.

How to make a difference

When you donate to the DV LEAF Healing Project your gift honors a loved one with a card and:
               🌱 supports legal services for DV survivors       
🌱 activates healing by planting trees*
🌱 gives hope during challenging times

*For every $50 donated April 22-May 8, two or more trees will be planted by American Forests

Your Card Options:


  • Jennifer Broome
    Nancy Sue Wood
    Barbara Blades
    Kent Crago
    Julie & Michael Henszey
    David O'Keeffe & Mary Callaghan
    Heather O'Keeffe
    Arianna De Reus
    Sallie De Reus
    Taylor Heatherly
    Nancy Churik Lewis
    Lily Overton
    Christina Marshall
    Blaire Kotsikopoulos
    Sara Pikofsky
    Ava Baker
    Ritu Cooper
    Kerri Ruttenberg
    Denise Chisolm
    Rebecca Kjos
    Wendy Blount
    Malisa Brown
    Kara Mann
    In Memory of Barbara Myers Campbell
    Lydia Spencer
    Candy Fleece
    Krista Vernoff
    Kristine Blumensaadt
    Karen Katulka
    Lee Ann De Reus
    Dorothy Crago
    Ann Robinson
    Kim Bearden
    Elise Mullins
    In Memory of Deena Kaplan
    In Memory of Billie Seeman
    Mery Seeman-Sokal
    Charlotte Mullins
    Lisa Fetchko
    Betsy Fetchko
    Polly Chamberlain
    Tami Hinish
    Abigail Spencer
    Emily Osgood
    Elizabeth Swize
    Evelyn Becker
    Sherri Hahn
    Eunice Drobnick
    Jean F. Rizzo
    Patty Rizzo
    Kamy English
    Carolyn Olvera
    Smaranda Padeanu
    Rita Mellon
    Lisa Kaufman
    Nitza Hartung
    Odelya Kaufman
    Anne Kaufman
    Lee-Anna Caccioppo
    In Memory of Sharon Hanley-Decoste
    In Memory of David Geoffrey Decoste
    In Memory of Michael David Decoste
    In Memory of Robert G. Dickie
    In Memory of Ann Cory
    Susan Levine
    Paula Levine
    Barbara Aschheim
    Nancy Paul
    Lisa Levine
    Claudia Perez
    Cecily Burke
    Isabel Albisu
    Dionne Sparkman
    Roberta Rothman
    Jackie Kane
    Sherri Becker
    Glenda Bensussen
    Chris Friedman
    In Honor of Elaine Eines
    In Memory of Flora Kaufman
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    Asli Carome
    Ava Jason
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    Betsy Dinger
    Caroline Christen
    Carolyn and Jack Sparks
    Cynthia Wakeman
    Dottie Carpenter
    Elisabeth Sochacki
    Grace Moore
    Greer Knopf
    Greta Lander
    Hillary Messenger
    In Honor of the Working Mothers at Arnold & Porter
    Jahn Geddes
    Penny Robiner
    Jeanne Hardy
    Sonia Lander
    Jennifer Cave
    Susan Boyle
    Joonhee Kang
    Suzanne Dinger
    Karen Jodoin
    Karen W. Jason
    Kathleen McCarthy
    Kim Forrester
    Kristen Smith
    Laura Sochacki
    Lindsey Kleyn
    LuAnn Bowes
    Mary Jane Bowes
    Mary Kleyn
    Monica Kim
    Nadira Clarke
    Nancy Greenberg
    Alice Dinger
    Heidi Rafferty
    Jenine Filipelli-Vosburgh
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