May 5, 2016

Word of the Week: Amicus Brief

Amicus Brief

The legal term amicus curiae is a Latin phrase that literally means “friend of the court.” The term is used to refer to a legal brief, called an amicus brief that may be filed with an appellate court, including a supreme court, by a party not involved with a current case, but in support of one side or another on the legal issue at hand.

Amicus briefs are commonly filed in appeals regarding matters of broad public interest, such as civil rights cases, cases broadly affecting such institutions as education or the powers of law enforcement. 


Other News

December 4, 2018

Thank You for Making DV LEAP's 15th Anniversary Celebration a Success!

See photos here:
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October 29, 2018

Bill Passes to Ensure Children Are Protected in Custody Disputes!

Congress Works to Ensure Children Are Protected in Custody Disputes
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