June 7, 2022

DV LEAP Statement on Recent Events

At a time when we as a country are struggling with so many traumatic events and heartbreaking losses, it is hard to be hopeful. The last few weeks have left us reeling: the assault on reproductive freedom, Black lives, children’s lives. As an anti-domestic violence organization, power is at the core of DV LEAP’s work: fighting against its use as a tool of abuse, for its reclamation by survivors, and because we believe that, through the law, it can deliver justice. 

So, when those who hold the most power use it to protect rights to weapons that continue to take so many lives, allow evisceration of a person’s right to choose what is best for their own health, and refuse to meaningfully address the pervasive evils of white supremacy, it is hard to be hopeful. DV LEAP does, however, remain hopeful, inspired by those who use their power, in whatever form, to fight for a different outcome, for equal access to safety and justice. To quote the powerful, beautiful words of poet Amanda Gorman, “May we not just grieve, but give: May we not just ache, but act”. We know there are so many of you who are doing this every day, despite the trauma and heartbreak that each days seems to bring.

Thank you. We stand with you in your power and our own.

Other News

June 7, 2022

DV LEAP's First Appeal in Wisconsin... A Win for the Survivor!

DV LEAP in partnership with our 2021 Pro Bono Team of the Year⁠, won our first appeal in Wisconsin on behalf of a survivor and her children.
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May 31, 2022

Announcement From Executive Director Lee Ann De Reus

It is with deep gratitude and appreciation for everyone at DV LEAP that I announce my departure from the organization.
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